What is American Auto? American Auto 2023 Season 2 Release Date, Cast, News & More

American Auto 2023 Season 2 Release Date – Produced by Justin Spitzer, American Auto premiered on December 13, 2021, on NBC. Payne Motors in Detroit is followed throughout the series. The show received negative reviews during its first season, but after a few episodes, positive reviews began to roll in.

The creators of American Auto decided to create Season 2 immediately after Season 1 ended. The second season will premiere on January 24, 2023, as announced in May 2022. NBC is bringing back the hilarious Workplace comedy American Auto.

American Auto 2023 Season 2 Release Date

About an American Auto

What is an American Auto? American Auto is an American Sitcom, as previously mentioned. It opens at a car dealership where employees are trying to identify their company while the industry is undergoing significant changes.

This drama is set in Detroit and revolves around the corporate officials at Payne Motors who are faced with a hard decision: change or die.

She has leadership, experience, and business acumen, but she has no knowledge of autos. Fortunately, her team is filled with some of the most intelligent professionals in the business when they aren’t bickering.

What can we expect from American Auto Season 2?

A previous episode demonstrated that the company’s reputation and name were at risk as a result of the unforeseen upheaval.

The team will devote themselves to reestablishing the reputation of American Automotive Company during American Auto Season 2.

By overcoming obstacles, the company can regain its former prominence and achieve success.

Main Role of American Auto Season 2 Cast

The American Auto Season 2 Cast is expected to be similar to the Season 1 Cast. The audience would like to see the same actors play the same roles as in Season 1 in American Auto Season 2 as they have left their mark on the viewer’s minds.

There are three main characters in the show:

ActorCharacter Played
Ana GasteyerKatherine Hastings, Payne Motors’ new CEO.
Harriet DyerSadie Ryan, Payne Motors’ CCO.
Jon BarinholtzWesley Payne, grandson of Payne Motors’ retired CEO.
Tye WhiteJack Fortin, a former assembly-line employee.
Michael Benjamin WashingtonCyrus Knight, Payne’s Chief Product Designer.
Humphrey KerElliot, Payne’s Chief Counselor
X MayoDori, Hastings’ assistant, and social media addict.

The first season of American Auto featured a few guest appearances by actors including Jeff Meacham as Brent, Tom McGowan as Ed, and Joshua Malina as Ted. In addition, American Auto Season 2 will feature some talented guest stars, making the storyline more intriguing and spicier.

When is Release American Auto Season 2? /American Auto 2023 Season 2 Release Date

American Auto Season 2 Release Date – It has been approved for broadcast on Tuesday, January 24, 2023, at 8:30/7:30c. Mark the date and time, as you might not want to miss the much-anticipated Season 2 of American Auto.

Trailer of American Auto Season 2

Production company American Auto has yet to release the trailer for Season 2. You can expect the official trailer to be released soon since season 2 is set to premiere on January 24, 2023. American Auto Season 2 information will be updated on this page as soon as it becomes available.

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