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Hello, friends! Today, we’ll discuss various aspects of Press Your Luck Season 5, including auditions, the cast, release date, and more.


Are you a believer in luck? Whether you answer yes or no, if you’re feeling lucky, you might want to try your hand at “Press Your Luck,” a long-running game show called “Whammy Press Your Luck.” This show has been on the air for many years, and a new version was introduced in 2019, which is currently airing on the ABC network. Contrary to its title, success on the show doesn’t solely depend on luck; you also need to be quick and clever to win prizes.

Right now, the casting for “Press Your Luck” in 2023 is underway as they prepare for the 5th season of the latest version.

Here’s how the show works: Each episode typically features three contestants. One of them is usually a returning champion, while the other two are new challengers. If the current champion retires, all three slots become available for new players.


The contestants engage in a game where they spin the game board, but there’s a twist – they must answer questions correctly to keep spinning. If they can’t provide the correct answer, a new question is posed. The game board spinning continues, allowing players to accumulate prizes and cash.

If you’ve watched the show and have the desire to participate, now is your chance. The casting process is open, but there are eligibility criteria to meet.

To become a contestant on the Whammy game show, you must start by applying online. The casting process begins with the application form you submit. This form includes questions about your personality, so be sure to fill it out thoroughly to make a positive impression on the casting team and increase your chances of moving forward in the audition process.

If you’re selected, you’ll need to be available for further instructions, including a personal interview. If all goes well, you’ll have the opportunity to appear on the show.


Here are the eligibility requirements for Season 5 of “Press Your Luck”:

  1. Contestants must be 21 years of age or older.
  2. Contestants must be legal citizens of the United States.
  3. Contestants and their household members cannot be employees of the show or any affiliated company.
  4. The show’s producers reserve the right to change eligibility criteria at any time.

You can find additional eligibility criteria and terms and conditions in the application form. If you meet these requirements and find them suitable, you can fill out the application form to audition.

To apply, visit the official casting website of the show and complete the application form, starting with verifying your age. The form has 39 fields to fill out, and you’ll need to upload your latest photograph and video as well. Don’t forget to review and accept all the show’s terms and conditions before submitting your application.

If you’re selected, the casting team will get in touch with you.

If you’re more interested in being part of the show as an audience member, you can also book audience tickets online. Visit the official on-camera audience website, sign up for tickets, and complete the registration form. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be in line to attend the show, and the studio address is provided for your reference.

For aspiring contestants, it’s important to note that making an audition video is crucial, as it’s a mandatory part of the application process. Your video should be no longer than 3 minutes and can be recorded using your phone or the show’s online recorder. In the video, introduce yourself, mention your age, occupation, and explain why you believe you’d be a great fit for the show.

So, if you’re up for the challenge and ready to test your luck, the casting for the next season of “Press Your Luck” is open. Apply now and see where your luck takes you. The next season is set to air in 2023, but you can apply for the upcoming season of this exciting game show. You can catch the latest episodes on ABC at 9/8c. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


  • Where can I watch the show?
    You can always watch the show on the official ABC website.
  • What’s the deadline to submit the application form?
    The application form doesn’t specify a deadline, so it’s advisable to submit it as soon as possible.
  • Can people from other countries participate in the show?
    If you have legal permission to work in the United States, you may be eligible to participate.
  • How can I become a contestant on “Press Your Luck”?
    To become a contestant, simply apply for the next season on the official casting website.
  • Are there other ways to participate in the show?
    Yes, there are various official apps and games associated with the show where you can win prizes.

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