Online Register for Lego Masters Australia 2024: Step-by-Step Application Guide

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Lego Masters, Australia is a captivating show that celebrates the art of creativity through building with Lego bricks, has captivated audiences with its unique premise. With five successful seasons already completed, the series is set to embark on its sixth season in 2023. For enthusiasts of all ages who revel in constructing imaginative creations from Lego, this presents an exciting opportunity to vie for the coveted $100,000 prize. The application process for Lego Masters Australia is now open, and we have all the essential information you need to embark on this creative journey.

Originating from its British counterpart, the Australian iteration of Lego Masters Australia is a competition centered around crafting remarkable Lego projects. The formation of two-person teams adds a dynamic twist to the mix. Single participants who triumph during auditions are paired with another solo player to collectively bring their creative vision to life. The ultimate victors are determined by the team that delivers the most impressive and highest-scoring creations, earning them the title of the show’s winners.

Read on for comprehensive insights into the show and its application procedure.


Lego Masters Australia Application Process

This invitation is extended to all those who are eager to participate in the show. However, gaining entry requires successfully passing the auditions. The key question now is how to apply for the auditions and complete the Lego Masters Australia application form.

The solution is straightforward. The show has introduced an online platform where interested candidates can register for the opportunity. To initiate your registration, you’ll need to complete the online application form. Successful submission of this form renders you eligible for the auditions.

Candidates who clear the audition stage will progress to the competitive phase of the show.

Guidelines for Applying to Lego Masters Australia Season 6

The casting team has established specific rules for registration. Fulfillment of these criteria is paramount to applying for the show. Some of the prerequisites include:

  1. Candidates must be 15 years of age or older by July 1st, 2023.
  2. The show is open to Australian citizens or permanent residents.
  3. Applicants must be available for a two-day audition session with the producers, occurring between October 2nd and December 2023.
  4. Potential participants should allocate 10 to 12 weeks for the show’s potential shoot.
  5. It’s advisable to review all additional guidelines provided within the application form.

Registering for Lego Masters Australia Season 6

Embarking on the journey of audition registration involves a simple process:

  1. Visit the official 9Now website and search for Lego Masters.
  2. Click the “Apply Now” button, redirecting you to the application page.
  3. Choose from the options of Solo, Team, Minor Team, or Minor registration.
  4. This marks the commencement of the Australian Lego Masters Season 6 registration form.
  5. Fill out the registration form with the necessary details.
  6. Conclude the process by clicking the “Register” button, confirming your successful submission.

Application for Lego Masters 2024 Auditions

The gateway to the audition phase commences with registration. Since registration serves as the entry point for auditions, the show does not adhere to an online video submission policy. Candidates are required to engage with the casting team or producers in person for the auditions.

Given that the show requires two available days for the interaction with producers, these days are earmarked for the auditions. Based on the audition, producers will make decisions regarding casting for the show. This encapsulates the process of applying for Lego Masters 2024.

Lego Masters is an ideal platform for individuals who harbor a passion for Lego projects. For those committed to the craft, the show offers a promising avenue for earning. If your enthusiasm aligns with the game’s spirit, it’s well worth considering this opportunity. Stay tuned with us for forthcoming updates on the show.

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