Love Island 2023 Vote for Season 5: Step-by-Step Guide

Love Island Voting 2023: The popular American dating reality show franchise, “Love Island,” is gearing up for its upcoming 2023 edition, and this time, voting can be done through a mobile app. In February 2023, the series was renewed for its fourth and fifth seasons, with the fourth season launching on July 19, 2022, and the fifth season concluding on August 27, 2023. Now, it’s time for “Love Island Games,” set to premiere on November 1, 2023. Let’s explore the various voting methods for “Love Island Games.”


Similar to its British counterpart, the show is centered around contestants, often referred to as “islanders,” who must form couples to survive and potentially win a prize of $100,000. These islanders are constantly under video surveillance. To emerge victorious, islanders must find a suitable partner, either for love or strategic purposes. Those who remain single are eliminated, while those with partners have a chance to win the show.

Love Island USA Season 5 Vote:

This American version of the show was first introduced in 2019, and it gained popularity among viewers. Voting has always played a crucial role in determining the show’s outcome. Following the successful debut, the show was renewed for second and third editions in 2020 and 2021, respectively. In 2022, it was renewed again for its fourth and fifth seasons. While the fourth season has already concluded, the highly anticipated fifth season is scheduled to air in the summer of 2023.

Love Island Voting:

One of the exciting aspects of the show is that viewers have the opportunity to participate in the voting process. Voting has consistently been a decisive factor in determining the season’s winner. In 2023, Love Island voting will once again be open to viewers, allowing them to vote for their favorite islander or couple. Your votes will exclusively determine the show’s victor.


Couples with the fewest votes risk elimination, but sometimes there are unexpected twists, including islanders voting to eliminate each other.

How to Vote for Love Island:

The voting process in Love Island 2023 will remain similar to previous UK seasons. There are two methods for voting:

  1. Vote by Viewers.
  2. Vote by Islanders.

Viewers can easily cast their votes for their preferred couples. Both internal and external voting methods are available on the show. Contestants also participate in the voting process and have the power to eliminate their fellow islanders.

How to Vote for Love Island Games:

Love Island Games is a spinoff of the popular Love Island USA series, featuring islanders from the USA, UK, and Australia. They engage in various love-themed games, with some emerging as winners. The ultimate victor of Love Island Games is determined through voting, following the same format as the main seasons.


Peacock Love Island Games Voting Polls:

The cast of Peacock Love Island Season 5 includes 13 islanders, and voting has already commenced. The list of cast members is available for online voting polls, where viewers can select their favorite islanders. Recoupling is common, and voting dynamics change frequently, making it an exciting part of the show. Islanders also possess the power to cast votes and eliminate fellow contestants.

Love Island USA Vote via App:

To make voting more accessible, the show has introduced the Love Island USA Vote app. This app is available for both Android and iOS users, allowing viewers to cast their votes conveniently. Users can download the app, log in or create a profile, select their favorite couples, and submit their votes. Each user is allowed one vote per topic per voting device.

Love Island USA Online Voting:

For those who prefer not to use the app, online voting through the official CBS website is an alternative. Users can visit the website, locate the show, click on the voting button, select their preferred couples, and submit their votes. It’s essential to vote within the specified time frame to ensure your vote is counted.

Voting Timing for Love Island USA:

Voting typically begins after the show airs, with voting starting on Sundays and closing on Mondays. This allows viewers to vote for their favorite islanders and help keep them in the competition. Stay tuned for weekly updates on voting, as the schedule may vary.

Love Island USA Eliminated Cast:

Love Island is all about forming connections and love, and each season introduces new islanders. Some islanders may leave the show as the dynamics change. The list of islanders is updated as the season progresses, especially when eliminations occur.

DumpedStatus in the Show
Anna KurdysWalked Out
Carsten BergersenThird Place
Destiny DavisDumped
Jasmine SklavanitisDumped
Kassy CastilloRunner Up
Keenan AnunayDumped
Leonardo DionicioRunner-up
Marco DonatelliWinner
Vickala “Kay Kay” GrayDumped
Victor GonzalezDumped
Carmen Kocourek4th Place
Hannah WrightWinner
Harrison LunaDumped
Emily ChavezDumped
Kenzo Nudo4th Place
Imani WheelerDumped
Mike StarkDumped
Isiah “Zay” HaraydaDumped
Kyle DardenDumped
Matia MarcantuoniDumped
Brandon Janse Van VuurenDumped
Eddie BrownDumped
Robert “Rob” RauschDumped
Najah FlearyDumped
Dasja JohnsonDumped
Ashley SimsDumped
Allie RyanDumped
Taylor SmithThird Place
Taylor ChemlakaDumped
Johnnie GarciaDumped
Hannah OrtegaDumped

How to Watch Love Island Games:

“Love Island Games” is a highly anticipated spinoff series. You can watch it on the Peacock channel if you’re in the USA. For international viewers, the show is available on streaming platforms like Hulu, Prime Video, and YouTube. Stay connected for the latest updates on the show.

In summary, Love Island Voting 2023 offers multiple methods for viewers to participate and influence the show’s outcome. Whether through the app or online voting, viewers have the power to support their favorite islanders and couples throughout the season. For more information and updates, stay tuned to the show’s official channels.

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