The AGT AMERICA’S GOT TALENT, Audition Process, Casting Registration Dates

Auditions are the biggest part of America’s Got Talent. But how do they work?

With thousands of contestants vying for the coveted title of America’s Got Talent winner, we’re left wondering how production even begins to narrow down the select group we’ll see on our television screens.

Thankfully, NBC’s manager of unscripted formats, Theresa Graham, was on hand to answer all of our burning questions about the America’s Got Talent audition process. Continue reading.

America’s Got Talent

NBC: What is the America’s Got Talent Audition process?

Graham: We have virtually open call auditions to reach as many people as possible. Anyone is welcome to sign up for an audition with our casting team and producers. If they believe someone is worthy of consideration, they refer them to our executive producers. If they say yes, the Act will audition in front of the Judges. We can all see how things progress from there.

Because it’s a variety show, they want to find the best singers, dancers, contortionists, and so on. Anyone with any talent is welcome to audition.

How, exactly, has COVID impacted and changed the Audition process?

It’s been extremely difficult. We had to discontinue open call auditions in which production would travel to various states and meet all of these locals in person. Because it is now an online process, people can sign up to audition online and participate in a virtual audition. We hope to get back on the road at some point.

Furthermore, this is our first season back with a full audience during Auditions. It’s just been difficult determining what we can do, and hopefully we’re on our way back to normalcy.

How long does it take to tape the Auditions?

We taped Season 17 over the course of about 23 days. It’s a long process with many late nights, but it’s clearly worthwhile.

What’s the strategy for finding those truly unique Acts? Season 15’s Brandon Leake, for example, was the first poet to ever win the show.

We want the best of the best, regardless of the talent or who they are. So we encourage anyone with a talent to audition, and if it’s something we love, something we believe America will love, we’ll put them in front of the Judges. We simply want to represent America and the incredible and diverse talent that exists here.

Those Golden Buzzer moments are so fun. Do producers ever know how a Judge will use theirs?

We are constantly surprised. Sometimes they just fall in love with something we never expected them to. Sometimes they’ll be listening to the audience and notice someone who really moves them, so they’ll go for that.

There are many Contestants who have something unique to offer. You can feel it in the room when they’re auditioning. But we never know, “This is a sure-fire Golden Buzzer,” because none of it is made. It’s all natural. So it all comes down to the Judges and who they favour.

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