Australian Masked Singer 2023 Voting: Network 10

The Masked Singer Australia brings the renowned reality show concept to the Australian stage, with a unique twist – a singing competition shrouded in mystery. Originating from the South Korean show “King of Mask Singer,” this enthralling series is hosted by Osher Günsberg. Having debuted in 2019 and launched its fourth season last year, the anticipation now builds for the forthcoming fifth installment of “The Masked Singer Australia.” Are you prepared for an unforgettable dose of entertainment? This article delves into the captivating details of the show’s essence.


Broadcasted on Network 10, the show spotlights celebrity singers who assume the role of contestants. These high-profile participants take on an intriguing challenge – they must conceal their identities behind intricate masks while performing musical numbers. The contestant garnering the fewest votes faces elimination and unveils their true face. The participant who endures till the end clinches victory. The show’s format is undeniably intriguing, creating an immersive viewing experience.

Venturing into The Masked Singer Australia Vote

The upcoming “The Masked Singer Australia 2023” signifies the eagerly awaited fifth season. The renewal of season 5 transpired in February 2023, and fans can mark their calendars for the anticipated premiere in the fall of the same year. The filming of the show concluded two months ago, and a delightful revelation is that Osher Günsberg resumes his role as the host for the third consecutive season. Contributing to the show’s visual splendor is Tim Chappel, acclaimed for his artistic brilliance showcased in “Queen of the Desert” alongside Lizzy Gardiner.

For those eager to partake in the “Masked Singer” voting process, here’s a breakdown of the methods available:

  1. Vote via the official app.
  2. Cast your vote online.
  3. Engage in jury voting.

Exploring the Panelists and Host of The Masked Singer Australia

Reprising his role, Osher Günsberg returns as the host of season 5. The panelists gracing the show in this edition include:

  • Mel B: Renowned British songwriter, assuming the role of Judge.
  • Abbie Chatfield: Notable TV personality, serving as Judge.
  • Dave Hughes: Celebrated comedian, taking on the role of Judge.
  • Chrissie Swan: Accomplished Radio Personality, occupying the Judge’s seat.

The Masked Singer Australia Season 5 Voting App

Season 3 of the show doesn’t introduce a dedicated voting app. Voting remains pivotal for the contestants’ survival on the show. However, it’s worth acknowledging that the contestants are established celebrities, boasting careers beyond the show. Thus, the essence of the competition lies in its entertainment quotient. While a virtual audience partakes, selected super fans and the Judges exercise their right to vote for their favored performers.

Peeling Back the Layers: Masked Contestants Clues

In the fifth installment of “The Masked Singer Australia,” 12 celebrity singer contestants don masks, withholding their identities. The revelation of the masked contestants’ identities is exclusively reserved for the moment of elimination. Here are some clues offered:

  • Bouncer
  • Cowgirl
  • Crash Test Dummy
  • Grim Reaper
  • Snow Fox
  • Space Fairy

The true identities will emerge upon elimination, but intriguing hints have already been disclosed, including references to:

  • A reality TV Star
  • A sports person-singer with over a million songs in their repertoire
  • An international singer boasting a Grammy Award
  • A Hollywood Heartthrob

Claiming Your Spot: Register for The Masked Singer Australia Audience Ticket

Now, you can become an active participant by registering for an audience ticket, affording you the chance to witness the show’s magic firsthand and cast your vote from within the studio. Secure your spot by registering in advance and attending the filming location on the designated day.


As The Masked Singer Australia embarks on its fifth season, the anticipation mounts for the imminent voting experience. Network 10 guarantees a joyous spectacle as the latest batch of contestants graces the stage. Once again, a virtual audience plays its part in the show’s dynamic. As an enthusiast, my excitement for the show is palpable, and I’m confident you share in the anticipation.

Note: This article was rewritten to provide a new version of the content while maintaining the essence and key details of the original.

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